AltimEco Recycling Technologies offers its customers the following products that can be tailored and combined into offers to meet each customer's specific needs.

  • The catalyst is the cornerstone of the Total Oil Recovery process and together with the know-how an essential part of profitable and environment-friendly scrap rubber recycling.
  • Service and technical support for our clients implementing the Total Oil RecoveryTM process.
  • Process optimization for clients already running pyrolysis plants for a more efficient process and higher quality end products with the help of our catalyst and original pre-processing.
  • Design and blueprints of a plant tailored for Total Oil RecoveryTM for customers intending to build one or several new pyrolysis plants implementing the technology and striving for maximal efficiency of the process.

Customers interested in the technology are welcome to contact us for further information on our product offerings and advice on the package that most suits their particular situation and desires.

AltimEco Recycling Technologies AB is once again among the top 25 Swedish cleantech companies...
The Brasilian patent for AltimEco Recycling Technologies' nanocatalyst has been granted.
AltimEco RT is to adapt the facility project for a new customer in India.
AltimEco RT has registered patents for nanocatalyst in 12 European countries.
The European patent for AltimEco RT's nanocatalyst has been granted.