The patented AltimEco catalyst is

prepared from a carbon-iron component in the form of microscopic carbon particles and ultra-dispersed iron particles. In order to increase the yield of light hydrocarbon fractions in the condensate and to bind substantially completely sulphur in the products of the rubber processing, the catalyst contains additionally a metal-carbon component. This component is the product of the stripping and the pyrolysis of dispersion. The dispersion comprises at least one salt of a metal from group VIII of the periodic table, which is capable of decay upon heating in order to form an oxide. The metal is selected from the group comprising iron, nickel and cobalt. The dispersion includes also a carbohydrate as well as a highly volatile solvent.

The catalyst enhances the activation of hydrogen and carbon atoms, which promotes the formation of more complex hydrocarbons. The decreased temperature of processing prevents these complex hydrocarbons from thermal destruction. This results in the maximized recovery of the liquid oil product with a unique composition where valuable aromatics, olefins and heavy lubricating fractions are present in significant amounts.

AltimEco Recycling Technologies AB is once again among the top 25 Swedish cleantech companies...
The Brasilian patent for AltimEco Recycling Technologies' nanocatalyst has been granted.
AltimEco RT is to adapt the facility project for a new customer in India.
AltimEco RT has registered patents for nanocatalyst in 12 European countries.
The European patent for AltimEco RT's nanocatalyst has been granted.