AltimEco's Total Oil RecoveryTM technology is a low-temperature nanocatalytic pyrolysis process that converts rubber into oil and fine carbon powder. Although being a perfected pyrolysis process, the properties of Total Oil RecoveryTM are quite far from such.

The end products of a process employing the patented catalyst are of an exceptionally high quality and thus highly marketable. Additionally, our know-how allows controlling the composition of the oil product and varying the proportion of the fractions in a wide range, tens of percentage points. Thanks to the process requiring no shredding or crushing, a low temperature, and normal pressure, the capital and processing costs sink significantly.

The Total Oil Recovery TM process is also environmentally friendly and creates no hazardous emissions, minimal carbon dioxide emissions, and is energetically self-supporting.

AltimEco Recycling Technologies AB is once again among the top 25 Swedish cleantech companies...
The Brasilian patent for AltimEco Recycling Technologies' nanocatalyst has been granted.
AltimEco RT is to adapt the facility project for a new customer in India.
AltimEco RT has registered patents for nanocatalyst in 12 European countries.
The European patent for AltimEco RT's nanocatalyst has been granted.