AltimEco Recycling Technologies was spun out from AltimEco Oy in 2008 with the purpose of marketing the Total Oil RecoveryTM technology.

The company offers a unique nanocatalyst and technology for the recycling of scrap tires. With AltimEco's environment-friendly process, all of the scrap tire material is converted into highly marketable products - high-quality oil, carbon powder, and metal cord. These end products are valuable alternative sources of energy and chemical raw materials. The new level of efficiency achieved by this process as compared to other tire recycling processes on the market allows the acute environmental problem of scrap rubber to be solved in a way that is highly profitable for the recycler.

AltimEco Recycling Technologies offers its customers the following products:

  • Catalyst
  • Service and technical support
  • Process optimization
  • Design and blueprints of a plant tailored for Total Oil RecoveryTM
AltimEco Recycling Technologies AB is once again among the top 25 Swedish cleantech companies...
The Brasilian patent for AltimEco Recycling Technologies' nanocatalyst has been granted.
AltimEco RT is to adapt the facility project for a new customer in India.
AltimEco RT has registered patents for nanocatalyst in 12 European countries.
The European patent for AltimEco RT's nanocatalyst has been granted.